Don’t just pass Step 1, score ridiculously high.

There are many excellent USMLE Step 1 preparation materials but no single curriculum that best utilizes all of these tools. We understand the importance of Step 1 in your future as a physician and can help you maximize your score. We have assembled what we believe is the most effective schedule for Step 1 preparation, combining the most effective resources into the optimal curriculum and conveniently synced with your smartphone or tablet’s calendar. We tell exactly you what to study and when to study it to maximize your score.

Now with six years of success by students at the University of Chicago and other local medical schools, medical students throughout the country can greatly benefit from our curriculum. High USMLE Step 1 scores correlate with excellent residency placement. Excellent residency placement correlates with outstanding physicians.

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“The USMLExcellence curriculum was the most effective and efficient use of my study time for Step 1. I would absolutely recommend it to any medical student preparing for the boards.”

  • University of Chicago MS4
    USMLE Step 1 Score: 269

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