USMLExcellence is a USMLE Step 1 curriculum developed by a group of University of Chicago medical students who took Step 1 in 2010 and achieved scores in the 260s. While preparing for Step 1, the developers utilized the resources and study schedules recommended to them by senior medical students at the University of Chicago who previously scored in the 260s, combining these into the curriculum that is USMLExcellence. The following year, several medical students sought advice from the developers of this curriculum, and those students proceeded to score in the 250s and 260s on Step 1. With continued success, it was decided that the curriculum should be made available to medical students throughout the world as USMLExcellence, a USMLE Step 1 study scheduling app conveniently synced with your smartphone’s calendar.

Joseph Lamplot, Founder

Joseph is a PGY-1 in Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis

Brian Pohl, Developer

Brian runs a web design and multimedia company, Invex Design, based out of Chicago, IL.