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“USMLExcellence covered all of the necessary topics in a systematic way, but most importantly prepared me with the endurance to take a day-long exam.”
Northwestern University MS4, USMLE Score: 262
“There is not a single thing I would do differently to prepare for Step 1. A perfect combination of study materials in a very logical sequence. Thank you.”
University of Chicago MS3, USMLE Score: 265
“Phase II was not easy, but it sure paid off. I felt like a machine on test day.”
University of Chicago MS4, USMLE Score: 258
“I was first told to ‘know First Aid‘ cold, but there’s more to it than that. This app does an excellent job of preparing you for test day.”
University of Chicago MS3, USMLE Score: 269
“Just got my scores back today. 265 and I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome app! The study schedule was super helpful and I felt very well prepared.”
Northwestern University MS3, USMLE Score: 265